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In Order: Solid Brass, Antique Brass, Copper Plate, Bright Nickel Plate, Silver Plate, Black Oxide

USBind Finishes Made in The USA

Below is a list of standard finishes we have to offer along with a brief description of the process involved in achieving those finishes. The image above represents the finishes listed below. We cannot guarantee that the finish you receive will match exactly to the finish represented in the image above. Although we make it our utmost goal to be consistent with our finishes, there are several factors involved which may cause the finish to differ slightly from one batch to another. Please contact us for more details or to discuss options. To help remedy this we recommend purchasing in larger quantities as we cannot guarantee the next batch will be identical. Image provided for your reference only.

Stainless Steel (Coming Summer 2020)

Matte Brass (Coming Summer 2020)

Solid Brass
The Solid Brass finish receives no plating after the machining process and is left bare. This finish can be most closely compared to a shade of gold, yellow or brown. This finish is the most cost effective choice. Like most metals, bare brass can further be processed by the customer if desired (polished, plated,etc...). If left untouched the finish will age with time.

Antique Brass
After the machining process has been completed, the surface goes through a process of aging leaving a darkened and aged finish for decorative purposes. Leaves a dark powdery residue. Darkness can be reduced with an abrasive material to your liking. This antique process affects only the color of the product and not its integrity.

Copper Plate
After the machining process has been completed, the surface receives a thin layer of copper referred to as Copper Plate for decorative purposes. This finish varies in orange/pinkish color and some customers often refer to it as rose gold. This finish may have dark brown patches throughout and will oxidize or age (darken) with time. Because copper is sensitive to oxygen and moisture, we cannot guarantee matching copper color among items for small orders under 1000 pieces without increased costs. Therefor copper color may vary significantly among similar and different items (Example: screw and post). For orders over 1000 pieces, please contact us for more details. Normally we can accommodate on larger orders without any increased costs while ensuring the items have matching finishes.

Bright Nickel Plate
After the machining process has been completed, the surface receives a Bright Nickel Plate for decorative purposes. The end result is a bright nickel finish. This finish often varies from a dull chrome to a reflective chrome finish and can be mistaken for chrome, aluminum or stainless steel by the untrained eye.

Matte Silver Plate
After the machining process has been completed, the surface receives a thin layer of silver plate. The silver plate found on current stock has a purity of 99.0% and is matte in finish. This finish is intended to be left as is and should not be polished or modified, to preserve the silver plating. 

Black Oxide
After the machining process has been completed, the surface is chemically oxidized in a controlled environment, blackening the surface for decorative purposes. A dry wax coating is then applied to the finished product aiding in protecting during the handling process. The end result is a matte black finish. When the dry wax wears off or is wiped off, the black finish will have a shiny finish. Please note that sometimes this finish may receive an alternative post-process coating to wax, in which case is an oil coating. Therefore when the parts receive an oil after-coat, they are shiny vs matte.


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