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Buckle Back Sample Kit

Buckle Back Sample Kit

$ 5.48 each $ 8.54

Sample kit of our 1-1/2" Belt Buckle Back Hardware as detailed below. Our loops are made for 1-1/2" belts only. The rest of our hardware can be used universally. All buckle back components are sold individually. Please click product links below for more detailed information on each items individual product page.

Package contents:

Stainless Steel Loop, ends out - (1 piece)

Stainless Steel Loop, ends in - (1 piece)

Stainless Steel Loop, Fixed - (1 piece)

Brass Barrels - (2 pieces)

Brass Large Hook/Peg - (1 piece)

Brass Small Hook/Peg - (1 piece)

Brass Washer - (1 piece)

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