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Button Head Stud Sample Kit

Button Head Stud Sample Kit

$ 32.48 each $ 78.53

Unsure what works for you or are you trying to match an existing product? If you are looking for a button head solution but are unsure of what size works best for you, this sample kit includes all our button sizes as detailed below. This kit will aid in determining the best size and finish for your existing or new project. Take out the guesswork and headache of buying and save with this sample kit. Click the links below for more information about the product.

* Order limit quantity of 1 per order. For sample purposes only.

* Items subject to availability. If an item is currently sold out, we will only send what we have in stock.

Package contents:

Mini Button Set - 1 ea. x (Brass,Nickel,Black,Copper)

Extra Small Button Set - 1 ea. x (Brass,Nickel,Black,Copper)

Small Button Set - 1 ea. x (Brass,Nickel,Black,Copper)

Medium Button Set - 1 ea. x (Brass,Nickel,Black,Copper)

Large Button Set - 1 ea. x (Brass,Nickel,Black,Copper)

Sam Browne Button Set - 1 ea. x (Brass,Nickel,Black,Copper)

Notes: There may be additional finishes available for the items above that are not included in this sample kit. If you prefer you may also purchase 1 piece of specific items and finishes you wish to test.

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