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Loctite© 222 Threadlocker (Low Strength)

Loctite© 222 Threadlocker (Low Strength)

$ 26.87 each

This item typically requires additional processing time (~3 days). Please contact us before ordering if time is of the essence. Thank you.

Size: 10ml (.34oz) Bottle

Loctite© 222 purple threadlocker

Prevents threaded fasteners from loosening due to shock and vibration.

Low Strength, non-permanent

This strength thread locker should only be used in applications where you intend to unfasten the items in the future or would like to have the option of removing them later. Unfastening items that have had this thread lock applied to them do not require a lot of force.


Cures in 24 hours

Notes: Primer recommended. Use with any of our Chicago Screws where a non-permanent application is desired.

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